60 drunk and aggressive young people tried to attack a hostel for refugees in the German city of Wurzen.

The police squad with the reinforcement was sent to prevent attacks on the hostel for refugees. An appeal in Facebook, addressed to the citizens to take to the city square and show that “the streets of the city” and “the whole city” belongs only to them. The authors of this post in Facebook mentioned the incident that occurred during the Trinity, when the refugees who disturbed the residents of the quarter with loud music beat the man with wooden chairs. A representative of the police in the city of Leipzig said that about 60 people responded to this call, who, being in a state of intoxication, showed aggression towards police officers who encircled the hostel for refugees.

At the moment, the situation in the city remains tense, and the escalation of the conflict can occur at any time. The city administration appealed to the citizens with a convincing request to resolve the issues peacefully.

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