Donetsk, DNR. Recent events are seeing an active front. Reports include material from Eduard Basurin, Pavel Semchuk and David Simpson in Donetsk. Ukrainian military and government propaganda is demonstrably a failure, because Kiev forces have not taken responsibility for the lies they have told, is the latest word from Eduard Basurin from the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The other day in all the Ukrainian media and citing press center staff as “ATO” were published articles about successes of Kiev forces at Lugansk and mariupol, which reported on advancing Ukrainian troops and their occupation of our positions nearthe cities of Kominternovo and Zhelobok.

In fact, the press center staff of the “ATO” distributed unverified information and made many believe these lies broadcast to the whole Ukrainian people. To justify their erroneous actions, headquarters of the ” ATO ” decided to put the blame on the National Security Council of Ukraine, which purportedly on behalf of the press center ” ATO ” accidentally screwed up the Ukrainian media reports.

In this case, the question arose how are state-owned media professionals working for Ukraine, which, from a source in the National Security Council posted a message with a link to some press center staff as “ATO” that was full of lies.

In reality, the material issued by the Ukrainian media video was filmed by our DNR servicemen of abandoned positions from the 36th rot mp in the south of our republic and then posted on social media.

Abandoning their positions, by Ukrainian army units is linked to the very low moral and psychological welfare of its troops and the large number of desertions our forces must deal with currently, said Eduard Basurin of the DNR Armed Forces in Donetsk.

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