Washington, DC. The United States has undertaken a massive emergency construction project to ready underground areas as nuclear fallout shelters in the likelihood of a probable attack upon the United States.

America’s government has a “continuity” plan for the Cold War to construct a bunch of underground bunkers to protect key government people from nuclear war. Once the US saw the end of that war with the USSR, the government put the bulk of the facilities on standby, with a skeleton crew and no new investment.

But with major threats like North Korea and the Russian threat on the horizon, the government has decided that maybe having secret places to hide wouldn’t be such a bad idea. An emergency, multi-billion dollar program is under way to get the shelters ready for a reality everyday Americans are untrained, unprepared and in denial over, as FEMA leaders ready the shelters for the unthinkable.

News Front has taken a look at the American government’s stock of secret and underground fallback sites, and more importantly the recent investment that’s gone into them. It makes for chilling reading for any hardcore conspiracy theorists, and for the average American, it’s an unusual look at the multi-billion-dollar infrastructure the Pentagon maintains just in case.

The facility known as Raven Rock is a military command shelter, while senior government officials from a non-military branch are sent to Mount Weather in Virginia. There’s also Peters Mountain, a communications post in the Appalachian mountains, NORAD headquarters inside Cheyenne mountain, and a bunker underneath the White House lawn for emergency shelter of President Trump.

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