400,000 without water thanks to Kiev shelling

Donetsk, DNR. Thanks yet again to aggressive shelling by US-backed Kiev nazi troops, large parts of Donbass are without water. Emergency services are trying to cope with citizens needs. Meanwhile the attacks and shelling continue.

400,000 plus people were left without a reliable water supply in the Donbass due to a damaged water pipeline in South Donbass, said Eduard Basurin, speaking for the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

According to him, the inhabitants of Pokrovsk, Myrnohrad, Volnovakha and Dobropillia are now without water.

“Now, together with the State Emergency Services of the Donetsk People’s Republic, we’ll organize the delivery of drinking water and service water. If we understand the situation near Avdeevka, then because of the large area, a great number of people, about 400,000 are left without water. It’s quite difficult to do everything needed to fix the problem in half a day, but we will definitely do it.”

According to him, the problem is that the damaged pump station is close to the positions of the Nazi Ukrainian combatants. The transformer is broken and the batteries are damaged there. “Unfortunately, we can only work with teams there,” stressed the Head of the Regional DNR Administration.

He noted that to begin repair work, the key condition is the mandatory presence of OSCE observers and the observance of the ceasefire. DNR forces have already provided a “state of ceasefire” now that work is being done to the Donetsk water filtration plant..

News Front has previously reported, the South Donbass water pipeline was restored on Saturday, June 10, around noon. On June 11, the first stage pumping station of the South Donbass water pipeline stopped working due to damage to the power line as a result of conflict in the Yasinovatsky region, where Kiev Nazi forces have been active.