Seoul, South Korea. The United States is yet again in a sticky position for a so-called liberal democracy as it pushes the LGBTQ agenda globally, but now finds itself with moron written across its forehead, as US ally South Korea hunts down gays in their nation and openly persecutes them with no US sanctions.

A number of homos in the South Korean military are afraid of the nation in which they live. They faces charges for having sexual relations with other men, a crime within the South Korean military punishable by up to two years in prison.

These men are part of a wider investigation which human rights groups are calling a homophobic witch-hunt, an accusation the South Korean military rejects.Investigators often visit homo soldiers, telling them they know they are gay and aware of their crimes behind closed doors.

Being a homo is not illegal for civilians in South Korea but human rights groups say the rights of sexual minorities are not always protected. Often the soldiers report they are uncomfortable, titilated or humiliated after such frank and penetrating questions.

The South Korean military and the defense ministry declined multiple requests for an interview and referred News Front to an April statement:

Our objective is to keep the military community sound and given the special nature of military discipline, sexual relations with same sex soldiers are being punished as ‘disgraceful conduct’ under military law.The military penal code bans homosexual activity under Article 92-6 “to keep the military community sound.

South Korean law regards same-sex relations between soldiers as “disgraceful conduct,” akin to sexual assault. One man convicted last month was given a six month suspended prison sentence.

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