Tehran, Iran. With Saudi-Iranian tensions running high over the Qatari email dump, Iran is sending two of its naval ships into harms way to demostrate is committment to regional stability.

Iran has announced it is planning to send two warships to protect shipping routes in the Gulf of Aden. The measures are designed to send a signal of resolve to western forces and underscore Iran’s committment to defend its regional interests. Tehran reported on Sunday.

According to Iranian media sources, the destroyer “Alborz” and logistics ship “Bushehr” will leave Bandar Abbas and stop in Oman before heading for the vital waterway to await orders.

The move comes as tensions rise in the Arabian Gulf after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen cut off diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar for “supporting terrorism”. The United States then sought political capital from the crisis, blaming it on “Russian hackers” sanctioned by Moscow.

The government in Doha has denied the allegation and called the moves against it as “unjustified”. It also stands accused of “getting closer” to Iran, which is Saudi Arabia’s main regional rival. Iran backs the Houthi rebels in Yemen, and it is believed that it supplies food and medicines to the group via the Gulf of Aden.

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