Brussels, Belgium. As EU intelligence confirms 6 million African migrants are making their way to the European Union seeking the many free prizes of life there, Brussels prepares to help Eastern European nations to “get their minds right,” as they resist Angela Merkel’s plans to flood eastern europe with African and middle eastern refugees Western Europe can no longer handle.

On orders from Brussels, the European Union’s executive will launch on Tuesday legal action against three eastern members of the bloc for failing to take in asylum-seekers to relieve states on the front lines of the bloc’s migration crisis, sources told News Front.

Recently Hungary’s Viktor Orban has led the resistance to Brussels “Merkel Plan” which for now, is sending thousands of African migrants to the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Hungary’s leader has blamed the migrant invasion on George Soros and NGOs that are paying smugglers $450. plus for every African they can land in Europe. Some of the globe’s biggest charities have been caught in the scandal.

The European Commission was due to agree at a regular meeting on Tuesday to send the so-called letters of formal notice to Warsaw and Budapest, three diplomats and EU officials said. Two other said Prague was also on the list.

Poland has maintained they will not take the migrants, even if it means a “Plexit” or Polish exit from the European Union. They already complain that one million Ukrainians have invaded their country as unwanted guests in the wake of the Donbass civil war inside Ukraine.

Such letters mark the first step in the so-called infringement procedures that the Commission can open against EU states for failing to meet their legal obligations. The legal procedures mark a sharp political escalation of a dispute between the Commission and EU states.

The Poles further complain mass numbers of racially different migrants will forever change the character of their society and flat refuse Brussels orders, regardless of penalty. News Front can also confirm the Czech Republic has agreed to refuse immigrants as well after consultations with Warsaw and Budapest.

Ukraine, desperate to join the EU at any cost is the sunny exception for Brussels. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has agreed to take up to one million of the immigrants at $1000 a person, to intially get them settled. He has also obtain assurances that the EU will compensate Ukraine additionally, once the full burdens of assimilation for the new residents are better known.

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