Police forces in Iran have killed four terrorists in a southern province on Saturday June 11, seizing their arms and ammunition as well as a flag of the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS).

Azizollah Maleki, the police chief in Hormozgan Province, where the terrorists were killed during a firefight with security forces, made the remarks to reporters on Monday.

“Intelligence work and the monitoring of current news about movements by a group of armed terrorists in the east of Hormozgan had the issue placed on the police’s special agenda,” he said.

Police forces took further operational and intelligence measures, tracking the group’s movements and identifying the places frequented by them.

They confronted the foursome in a mountainous terrain near the province’s Roudan County, Maleki said, adding that an armed conflict ensued, which resulted in the deaths of the terrorists.

The terrorists had four military weapons, 112 live bullets, some explosives, and a Daesh flag in their possession.

“Two of the terrorists were foreigners bearing foreign ID cards. The identity of the rest is being investigated,” Maleki said.

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