Soros has six million migrants EU bound

Rome, Italy. It is becoming known, that NGOs and “charities” some funded by George Soros and the Clinton Foundation, are paying to smuggle tens of thousands of African migrants and middle eastern refugees directly to Europe.

Here in Italy, a Sicilian prosecutor has launched an investigation into alleged collusion between traffickers and charities accused with NGOs of fuelling the migrant crisis in Europe with a flood of migrants flooding europe and destroying resources in the process.

Just this past month, about 1,500 migrants, among them hundreds of children and pregnant women were rescued from rickety vessels by one of the charities, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). And a leaked intelligence report suggested more than six million asylum seekers, including Syrians fleeing civil war, are waiting to cross into Europe.

The huge surge has led to more than 1,200 deaths already this year as smuggling gangs in lawless Libya resort to increasingly underhand tactics. According to the Ministry of Defence, the British Navy has rescued 14,900 migrants in total as part of the EU effort to crack down on the people smuggling trade.

NGOs and refugee charities are paying smugglers to ferry migrants to their rescue boats patrolling off Libya, it was proved last night. A senior Libyan coastguard official told News Front on Sunday he had evidence that aid agencies were paying cash for migrants desperate to reach Europe but who cannot afford to pay ruthless traffickers.

Libyan Army Colonel Tarek Shanboor said he had obtained bank details and phone records that proved the charities were making payments to criminal gangs who have put hundreds of thousands of migrants into unseaworthy boats leading to thousands of deaths each year. Shanboor’s claim goes a long way top proving how terrorists that are unvetted enter Europe reguarly.

Shanboor adds aid agencies were now encouraging more and more migrants to make the perilous trip. He claimed he had handed evidence of collusion between charities and traffickers to EU border security officials in Brussels, though he refused to go into detail out of concerns for his own safety. The Western charities are paying upwards of $450 for each migrant’s passage. Shanboor believes their motives are well-meaning but misguided

These extraordinary accusations come just months after an internal EU report revealed charity officials in boats were in direct contact with migrant vessels and even gave them precise directions to find rescue vessels. This year has already seen record numbers of migrants attempting the perilous crossing from Libya to Lampedusa and Sicily, turning Italy into the front line of the crisis. Over 6,000,000 immigrants are now following this path to Europe right now.