Kiev goes rogue breaking US sanctions

Kiev, Ukraine. In the corrupt pervasive environment in Kiev, one is never surprised, but a recent admission by one Ukrainian official, suggests that the Ukraine is not just corrupt, but an organized crime state or rogue nation, acting outside the boundaries of international law.

Some do not like the fact Ukraine is forced to continue purchasing Russian components for military equipment in circumvention of bans, said Dmytro Tymchuk, People’s Deputy of the People’s Front in an interview with News Front.

The bans Tymchuk refers to are ones put in place by his “handlers” at the US Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control. Ukraine it seemms, has been breaking more Federal laws than American FBI agents can keep up with. The laws are designed to shut down Russian defense material sales abroad.

“There is a way out. Either purchase from Russia or nowhere. This means that the equipment that is out of order now due to military actions cannot be repaired, that there is nothing to repair, therefore no components are available,” Tymchuk says.

Tymchuk explained that the Ukrainian industrial and military system can only meet 40% of the Ukrainian army’s needs and that it is now impossible to replace Soviet equipment in the army because of colossal costs. Which is just terrible, given when it is working, it is being used by the most corrupt nation on earth to kill its own citizens in a genocide that is now over 100,000 victims in Donbass.

“Accordingly, since there is a ban on trade relations with Russia, our enterprises get Russian components by hook or by crook, but not through purchases,” Tymchuk said. So Tymcuk implies that Ukraine is breaking US and International law to obtain the Russian parts their armed forces need to kill their own citizens.

Ukraine has been cracking down on journalists who wrote Ukraine was trading arms with Russia and that Moscow was Kiev’s largest supplier of arms and spare parts. Last year, more weapons were sold to Russians than during former President Viktor Yanukovych’s time according to UN arms control inspectors.

Ukroboronprom denies the trade with Russia, although it has not said outright that its subsidiary plants continue to cooperate with the Russian Federation bypassing the American and international sanctions and laws. If Tymchuk is to be believed, in many cases Ukraine is stealing parts inside Russia.


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