FBI knew Saudis sent terrorists to USA



Washington, DC.  A newly released investigative report from a secret American whistleblower based in Washington, DC details what they have referred to as “one of the biggest terrorist threats against the United States homeland.”

The report from an unknown US Federal Agency, describes how Saudi nationals living in the US have left to join internationally-recognized terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS) and al-Nusra in large numbers – a fact that was known to top Saudi government officials but was intentionally never shared with the US government, who found out about it from illegally intercepted telephone communications hacked by the NSA at Ft. Meade in Maryland.

The Federal investigation found that approximately 400 Saudi and Kuwaiti citizens who were living in the United States,  most of whom were studying abroad on Saudi government-issued scholarships, later left to join terrorist groups. Many of them are US-Saudi dual citizens who were born in the US while their parents studied abroad

Figures given in the report assert that Saudi nationals comprise the largest number of US residents who have left to join terrorist groups fighting in nations like Syria and Iraq. Saudi citizens constitute the largest foreign nationality within Daesh and the group itself is known to receive large amounts of funding from prominent Saudis as well as the Saudi government itself.

The Federal report says Saudi government officials actively colluded to hide this information from American authorities, as well as obfuscated the ties that some of its citizens had to radical groups prior to their entrance into the United States. The report names several Saudi officials who knew of such Saudis living in the American heartland, including Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.

Secret portions reveal the Saudi government possesses “one of the most sophisticated systems” for tracking the movements of its citizens between countries, including mandatory fingerprint verification for all citizens who receive government services. The government has been known to deny services to citizens for offenses as minor as unpaid traffic tickets. Clearly, the Saudi Interior Ministry was aware of Saudi students living in the America and elsewhere who abandoned their scholarships to take up arms with Daesh and similar groups.

But in addition to the silence from Saudi Arabia concerning the issue, several Federal officials – who were informed well in advance by the NSA of the growing number of Saudi nationals within the US who had joined Daesh’s ranks – failed to act on the information once informed.

The report states that the FBI failed to notice the trend of Saudi nationals leaving the US to join terrorist groups, a failure that the report puts the blame of directly on FBI Director James Comey, who was obsessed with the Hillary Clinton server investigation at the time, rather than focused on terrorist forces inside the USA.

Last year, about May of 2016, the report notes that the State Department representatives met with two FBI special agents, as well as Obama administration official George Slim, to share information regarding the troubling phenomenon. However, Slim and the agents became unreachable following the meeting. The Trump White House has declined to comment directly to News Front.

The close personal relationship of former CIA Director John Brennan to the Saudi royalty, as well as the fact that former FBI director Louis Freeh was paid over $1 million dollars to represent a Saudi official in an international corruption case, were cited as possible reasons for the Obama administration’s lack of interest in pursuing the issue.

Neither the FBI nor the White House ever shared the information with the State Department, which was unaware of the issue until the Inspector General’s Office contacted them in May. The IGO office was delayed by the FBI Agents, who indicated Comey was fixed on Clinton related issues that only spiraled out of control over the Summer and course of election 2016.