Washington, DC. Americans never know what to expect next from Donald Trump. They thought they were getting less defense spending, better Russian and Chinese relations and an end to NATO and the UN. One group getting their wish, are anti-Socialist Cubans in the USA, Miami has long been an enclave for anti-Castro Cuban exiles.

The American President Donald Trump is expected to explain his administration’s new tougher policy toward Cuba in a speech in Miami next Friday, according to US officials.

Donald Trump is due to roll back portions of the Obama-era policies softening relations with Cuba, News Front reported in March. Officials previously said that Trump will likely announce the United States will no longer make unilateral concessions to Cuba, which is what critics accused the Obama administration of doing.

Trump is delivering on his campaign promises to anti-Castro exiles in the USA, mainly because there is no organized lobby for Socialist Cuba. If Trump were to try this on Ukraine for example, he would be crucified alive by the Ukrainian Senate and Congressional caucus in the US house, flush with Ukrainian lobbyist cash.

American officials said Trump is likely to blast the Cuban government for human rights abuses and impose sanctions on officials suspected of carrying out the repression of dissidents. This despite the US invading foreign countries for profit and routinely air striking civilians in them.

Obama administration’s changes were viewed as a significant attempt at reconciliation between US and Cuba. During his time in office, President Barack Obama exchanged prisoners with the Cuban government, reestablished diplomatic relations with Havana and became the first US president since 1928 to visit Cuba.

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