Questions about CIA snipers at Maidan linger

Kiev, Ukraine. More details from the Kiev “maidan trail” emerges, the militant of self-defense of Maidan Vladimir Venchak, a native of the Lviv region, who was wounded six times during the riots on February 20, 2014, said that he was shot mainly from the side of the building of the hotel “Ukraine”.

Such testimony he voiced on June 6 during a court hearing in the case of “Berkut” in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev, according to the “Ukrainian News”.

In particular, according to him, one wound in the result of shots he got in the back – a bullet punched the right lung. In addition, he received three more wounds in his hand and two in the leg. Venchak also noted that he saw how many law enforcers were with pomp shotguns and shot them up.

According to the witness, after the wounds received, he came to his senses already in the building of the hotel “Ukraine”, in which was the main medical point of the protesters.

“The first wound I got in the back. But not from the government quarter, where there was such a clear threat … and from the hotel “Ukraine”, – said the witness. – I approached a group of Maidanovites, who were at the forefront. We saw the operators in the windows and balconies of the Ukraina hotel, a few people were, windows were open, in which there were some people and we felt that there was a fire in the back from that side. Even in the video we saw the places where bullets hit, which could only be from the side of the hotel “Ukraine”.

In addition to the shots from the Ukraine Hotel, which was mentioned in the testimony of Venchak, he also told the court that he had seen armed people on the roof of the Conservatory, noting that he perceived them as security forces, since he said that civilians did not have the right to carry arms . “For some reason I think so, but who could have been with the weapon?” – Venchak noted.

The witness also mentioned that shortly before the shooting, when he was on the Maidan, he saw how five or six activists of the Berkut residents were brought into the crowd. According to him, he considered at that moment that the law enforcers did not want a confrontation.

“Before taking out the wounded, 5-6 employees of the Berkut were brought to the Maidan, let’s say. I saw that people are demoralized completely. It seems to me that another day and the tragedy that happened on the 20th of the day could not have been. Those siloviki were so tired of everything that they were ready, as I think, to throw everything at home, “the witness Venchak shared his impressions.

According to Western media, on February 20, 2014, on the day of the shooting of protesters, as well as the killings of law enforcement officers, the building of the Conservatory and the Hotel Ukraina was controlled by the Maidan self-defense militants.

Others suspect that CIA contract snipers were brought in. The United States overthrew the Yanukovich government and provided the killers who did the shooting.

Earlier, the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov in his message about the appointment of the head of the city police of the former head of the Dnepropetrovsk “Berkut” Andrei Tkachenko said that he ruled the siloviki in the days of Maidan and “stopped the irreparable when from the Conservatory the sniper began shooting at the Dnepropetrovsk” Golden Eagles ” And wounded six people. “


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