Moscow, Russia. In a series of interviews with American film director Oliver Stone, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has yet again, warned that the world is very close to nuclear war and he believes, very few will survive such a conflict. Not very comforting as three US Navy Air craft carrier strike force groups are now taking up duty stations off North Korea.

There are tensions among the world’s super powers mounting in places like Ukraine, Syria, North Korea and more recently Qatar and Iran, it may only be a matter of time before someone makes a single mistake, and a spark falls into the bathtub of gasoline we all share.

If that indeed happens, all bets are off, and as we’ve learned from the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in June of 1914, once the trigger is pulled there’s no going back and hundreds of millions of lives, perhaps billions, will be at risk of gruesome destruction in a nuclear holocaust of our own design.

Considering that Russia is closely allied with Syrian President Assad, has a direct interest in maintaining control of Ukraine’s former Crimea region, and its ties to Iran, ignoring the possibility of a global war in coming years could be a devastating oversight.

Intelligence experts say we are, in fact, at war right now. But just as was the case from the 1960’s through the end of the 1980’s, it is a dark, quiet war the Western media never breathes a word of, but the recent deaths of 11 Canadian Special Forces soldiers in Donbass point directly to.

As one looks to cyber space it is clear that there is a battle taking place on a daily basis. Moreover, as we’ve previously reported, nuclear war may well be on the horizon, because the confrontations taking place on the geo-political stage are no longer just talk.

Vladimir Putin and the Russian people believe the Americans actions are going to lead to a nuclear conflict initiated by the United States. The leadership of the US is made up of politicians who began their careers as Marxist-Socialists. Traitors now have their fingers on the triggers of the nuclear warheads, aided by “yes-men” of the general staffs who will not remember their oaths to the Constitution of the United States and the American people.

Rather than statesmen and diplomats, we now have self-interested, politically-motivated belligerents backing Russia and other nations into corners and pushing them toward war.

We can only wonder how long this war of words will be continued is unknown. But when the missiles begin to fly you can be certain of something. You can rest assured that the men who spoke those words will be in bunkers and other safe places and out of harm’s way paid for by the American taxpayer.

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