Merkel says US does not need border wall

Mexico City, Mexico. While on a state visit, German leader Angela Merkel managed to make a complete ass of herself as never before, by challenging the need for a wall on the US-mexican border to stop illegal immigration.

German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said on Saturday that putting up walls would not solve problems due to immigration, challenging the vision of Donald Trump during her visit to Mexico. Merkel, who is not a US citizen or aware of the effects of roughly 20 million illegal mexicans on American social services and legal citizens lives, was left with zero credibility in the wake of the incident.

Speaking in Mexico City alongside the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, Merkel doubled down on dumb saying, history showed only when empires have gotten on well with their neighbors have migration pressures been resolved in a way that ensured stability. As in her case, where only a million or so illegal immigrants has stretched her own nation to the breaking point and directly contributed to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

“Putting up walls and cutting oneself off will not solve the problem,” said Merkel, who has come under political pressure in her own country for opening its borders to more than one million refugees since 2015. Directly contributing to the EU being in jeopardy of breaking up.

Trump built his bid for the presidency partly on a pledge to raise a wall on the US-Mexico border that would stop illegal immigration and the flow of drugs. Americans have suffered from unchecked, unvetted immigration for going on 3 decades, resulting in vast numbers of persons not legally allowed to live in the USA, reciving social benefits, holding jobs as well as driving and voting.

Trump has backed away from a promise to make Mexico pay for the cost of the wall and he has had to pare back his ambitions in seeking funds to build the barrier from the US Congress, where Democrats and even some Republicans have criticized the plan which would remove a cheap labor source many wealthy corporations take advantage of.


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