Washington, DC. The sodomy lobby again prepares to flood America with more LGBTQ agenda driven propaganda in efforts to divide Americans even further in the run up to an internal civil war between citizens of faith and citizens of the flesh.

It has been two years after the White House was adorned in rainbow colors to promote the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing homo marriage nationwide, gay rights activists and lawmakers are preparing to march on Washington again, saying the current President threatens to erase those gains.

American homosexual gay rights activists plan to push their propaganda at the “Equality March for Unity and Pride” in Washington on Sunday as well as at 50 “sodomy lobby” marches at cities across the country this month.

The homo march Sunday, which will commemorate the anniversary of the shooting deaths of 49 people and wounding of more than 50 others at gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, comes at a time of feral desperation for American homosexuals afraid that Trump and his faith based Vice President Mike Pence, will roll back homo gains in their drive to spread sodomy acceptance nationwide.

The gays are not happy, even though Trump has continued President Barack Obama’s executive order protecting LGBTQ federal workers and LGBTQ military service members who still serve openly, his administration has revoked protections for transgender school students, and its mentions of the words lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in statements have been few and far between, much to his voting base’s delight and celebration.

Homo acceptance advocates claim theTrump administration has instilled fear in gay people hoping to immigrate to the United States to escape countries that don’t protect gay rights, transgender students at public schools who no longer have the protections outlined by the Obama administration, and HIV-positive LGBTQ Americans depending on the Affordable Care Act for free health care.

“We are women. We are Muslims. We are asylum seekers,” Chad Griffin told News Front. “We are all a part of the community this President has attacked day in and day out.””Our community has stood up in coalition and said: ‘If you come after one of us, you’re coming after all of us.” A gay activist pleaded.

Many Americans are sick and tired of the Soros financed, Hollywood celebrity sponsored LGBTQ homo acceptance agenda being pushed by the American main stream media, and hope that Trump and Pence will restore a more centered America to the public, than one based on sexual preference as the definition of a citizen.

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