Kiev bans German OSCE official from Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine. The Poroshenko Administration doubled down on dumb banning a former high OSCE official from entering the Ukraine, for having visited the Crimean Republic of the Russian Federation recently.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has banned German politician Willy Wimmer from entering Ukraine for five years, reported SBU Spokesperson Olena Gitlyanska to News Front.

The decision was made amid Wimmer’s visit to Crimea in March 2017. At that time, a delegation consisting of representatives of the European Parliament, as well as politicians from several countries of the European Union, the OSCE and Latin America visited the peninsula to assess the local situation. Later, Kiev imposed sanctions against most of them.

Wimmer is an ex-Deputy of the Bundestag, the former Deputy Chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the former Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Germany.

“The decision to ban Willy Wimmer from entering into Ukrainian territory for 5 years has been taken,” Gitlyanska said. According to her, the decision was made due to Wimmer’s visit to the Crimea in violation of established Ukrainian procedure.

According to the Kiev media, Wimmer, who is a member of the Christian Democratic Union, visited the Crimea in late March this year as a member of a delegation with German businessmen and politicians, where he met with the self-proclaimed administration from the Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation.


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