Russians charge Americans let ISIS go in Syria

Damascus, Syria. In charges that will come as no surprise to American observers of the Syrian conflict, the Russian field commander has stated the American forces are protecting ISIS forces and helping them to safety, rather than destroying the terrorists.

The US coalition participated in the safe transit of the ISIS terrorists from Rakka, instead of destroying them. This was stated by the field commander of the Russian group of troops in Syria, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin.

According to Commander Surovkin such behavior may indicate a certain American collusion with the leaders of the ISIS terrorist group for this to happen.

“Instead of destroying the terrorists guilty of the deaths of hundreds and thousands of peaceful Syrian citizens, the coalition led by the United States, along with the” Union of Democratic Forces “under its control, collude with the leaders of the ISIS, who without a man lost surrender the occupied settlements and go to those provinces where Syrian government forces are active and kill there, “said Surovikin.

At the same time the coalition continues to inflict air strikes, the victims of which often are local residents.Earlier, the Central Command of the US Armed Forces was warned by the forces of the Russian Federation to stop attacking Syrian Assad forces.