Poroshenko suspends civil rights in Donbass

Kiev, Ukraine. In a dangerous escalation in hostilities in the Donbass “ATO zone,” the Kiev Poroshenko regime is implementing American advised “security” or supression of civil rights measures as they prepare to attack and kill Donbass residents pursuing a path of integration with the Russian Federation.

The new Kiev orders are known as the “temporary restrictions” which Kiev forces will enforce in the Donetsk-Donbass region.

In the Antiterrorist Center of the Security Service because of the “aggravation” of the situation in the area of ​​ATO, “temporary restrictions” are imposed on the territory of the Donetsk region. The appeal was published on the website of the Donetsk Regional Occupation Authority.

The appeal says that restrictions are introduced in connection with the growing threats to Ukraine’s economic and energy security provoked by the conscious actions of militants, escalation of aggression by Russia against Ukraine, with the aim of protecting the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens and ensuring national security of Ukraine. By restricting those very citizens rights and movements.

The American advised Kiev Nazi occupation restrictions include:

Prohibition of the movement of registered sporting, hunting firearms and devices for the shooting of cartridges equipped with rubber or similar in their properties metal shells of non-lethal effect in the area and in the area of ​​conducting ATO;

Restrictions on the movement of vehicles on roads that are absent in the road register and pass beyond the designated border points, except for specialized agricultural machinery that conducts field work;

Strengthening the work of the patrol security service and the implementation of preventive and preventive activities to prevent offenses, preventing foreigners and persons who do not have appropriate registration from staying in the areas where the events are held;

Ensuring timely response to applications for public demonstrations, other violations and events, as well as organizational and practical measures to ensure public safety and order in the streets, squares, parks, squares, stadiums, stations and other public places;

Prompt identification of possible causes contributing to the commission of criminal and administrative offenses;

Restrictions on the movement of persons without identity documents, from 22:00 to 05:00. A curfew and imposition of martial law in the occupied areas by Kiev Nazi forces.

Prohibition of staying in forest tracts and forest belts, near water bodies (rivers, lakes) in the areas of location of vulnerable objects in terrorism, main gas pipelines, chemical enterprises, thermal power plants, dams, etc. (except for forestry personnel and officials involved in the conduct Works on maintenance);

Prohibition of tourist excursions and hikes, fishing by citizens of Ukraine and other persons outside the established in accordance with the legislation of such places;

Prohibition of the use of radio stations in vehicles other than those established for special purpose vehicles (or registered in accordance with the established procedure);

Prohibition of the implementation of any flights of unmanned, light-engine aircraft and the conduct of photo, film and video shootings, as well as video, film and photography of servicemen, law enforcement officers, military equipment, the location of military units of the Armed Forces, NSU, STSU, MVD, SBU , Which are included in the forces and means of ATO) and objects.

It is noted that these restrictions apply to all citizens of Ukraine, except for servicemen and law enforcement officers in the units involved in the forces and facilities of the ATU. If your working for the “man” you have a “get out of jail free card.”


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