Donetsk bombed again by Kiev forces

Donetsk, DNR. The conflict continues but in “low voltage doses” of shelling best described as genocidal in nature. Reports from Eduard Basurin, Pavel Semchuk and David Simpson in Donetsk.

Day and all night here in Donetsk, the Ukrainian artillery fires at random but specific targets. This fire is 24/7, day in and day out. This fire is not a true barrage of artillery like an all out attack would have, it is a shot or two at one house, than 10 or 20 or 30 minutes later a shot or two at another house near or far from the first target.

From the DNR Ministry of Information, for the past day the Ukrainian armed forces have 54 times violated the ceasefire regime. All the shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces have hit twenty cities and towns in the Republic.

The UAF forces violating the Minsk accords have utilized these weapons systems in their criminal activity; tank cannon fire, artillery shelling, mortar fire, BMP and BTR attacks, Sagger ATGM missiles, AGS grenade launchers and small arms.

The Ukrainian fire is directed at specific houses in each block, moving to another house after the targeted house is destroyed. They can, and do, go from house to house in a particular street and when all the houses on that street are severely damaged or destroyed they move to another street and start the process over again. Primary targets in Petrovsky at the start of the fire was infrastructure, gas lines, water pumping stations, electric transformers and in the case of flats buildings the above ground, they target hot water pipes for heating of the apartment buildings in winter.

Ukrainian shelling damaged six houses in Petrovskiy district of Donetsk overnight said the city administration.

“In the night June 8-9 Ukrainian armed forces shelled Trudovskiye village of Petrovskiy district of Donetsk; the damage was reported on Mamina-Sibiryaka street 30, 32, Karnavalnaya street 77, Viktora Gyugo street 20, 33, 35.”

The locations struck during the Ukrainian attacks on 9th of June, with damage asessments:
In Petrovsky District and Trudovsky in Donetsk City-Region.
Mom’s-Sibiryaka 32-damaged roofs; Mom’s-Sibiryaka 30-damaged roofs Victor Hugo 20-damaged roofs;Victor Hugo 33-damaged roofs and glazing windows;Victor Hugo 35-damaged roofs, front metal door glazing windows;Carnival 77-damaged the inner door, burned down the balcony, Lugovskogo between blocks 13 and 17-busted gas line. Alexandrovka str. Lenin 36-damaged roofs, glazing windows.N.P. v. sakhanka. There damaged power lines are down. Earlier reports said Kiev forces opened fire on Sakhanka village in Novoazovskiy district.