Kiev, Ukraine. One has to wonder if there was truth in advertising as to how far Kiev’s latest strategy would get, with a motto like, ” See Kiev, world capital of corruption.” Yes, the most corrupt city, in the most corrupt country in history-is selling itself, not as the prostitute that it currently is for corrupt interests at home or even Washington, but to moronic tourists looking to see the “real” Kiev, up close and “personal.”

The Cabinet of Ministers established an interdepartmental commission to promote Ukraine, headed by the Minister of Information Policy. The corresponding decision was made at a government meeting on Wednesday, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Only a truly insane assclown could suggest promotion of a tourist economy in a country engaged in a genocide upon it’s own citizens, embroiled in shelling people daily and where the police can’t jail every corrupt official due to a lack of prison space. Into this sewer of filth, Kiev hopes to lure western tourists, where skilled criminals will greet them.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Policy Artem Bidenko was appointed as the Secretary of the commission. Overall, the commission includes eight representatives of state bodies, two advisers to the prime minister, two representatives of enterprises, and five representatives of public organizations that help to promote Ukraine in the world and advance its interests in the international information space.

According to the decision, the commission is a temporary consultative and advisory body of the Cabinet whose tasks are to assist in the implementation of the concept of popularizing Ukraine, consideration of the issues related to the formation of a “positive image of Ukraine in the world information space,” and coordination between departments in these matters.

Presumably the positive images won’t include children maimed in Donbass, teen hookers of all genders in Kiev, or the billions of dollars that never make it to the people of Ukraine, but instead head offshore for those selling Ukraine as a fairy tale land of enchantment, where psycho Nazi elves dance with corrupt oligarch ogres to music from Poroshebnko’s magic flute of finance.

Organizational, informational and material support of the commission is carried out by the Ministry of Information Policy. An organization of neo Nazi Ukrainians dedicated to cencorship, propaganda and the spreading of lies worldwide on behalf of the Poroshenko junta.

Previously, it was reported that on May 31, the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yuri Stets gave his resignation letter to Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andriy Parubiy. Stets, was part of that “vibrant Ukraine” Kiev hopes you don’t see, where state ministers come and go with each anti-corruption NABU investigation.

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