US forces will be destroyed in Syria

Damascus, Syria. The United States is rapidly getting itself sucked into involvement in a full blown war inside Syria, as Iranian backed units are coming to help the legal Assad government repulse American “moderate” terrorists.

Forces loyal to Syria’s leader Assad will strike at American positions inside Syria if it crosses any “red lines,” The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah warned on Wednesday. Warnings to the Americans came one day after American forces bombed pro-government forces in eastern Syria.

America’s war center, the Pentagon said Tuesday the pro-government forces were infringing on a “de-confliction” zone established to protect US backed local moderate terrorist forces, who are engaged in fighting the Islamic State group and directly trying to overthrow Assad from office, in yet another American revolution by force.

Hezbollah has broadcast footage it said was of an Iranian drone tailing an American one over eastern Syria. It said the video was proof the Syrian government’s backers could strike American units at will.

The Iranians are a key backer of Hezbollah and the Syrian government, and are deeply involved in the American war to overthrow Assad. Hezbollah’s military media said it was only “self-restraint” keeping pro-government forces from attacking American units.

The ISIS group is locked in twin battles for its key strongholds, Raqqa and Mosul. The SDF launched its attack on Raqqa on Tuesday and have already captured a neighborhood on the city’s eastern end. Iraqi forces have been battling ISIS in Mosul since October.

Back in Syria American airstrikes continue to kill as activists said at least nine civilians traveling in a van in eastern rural Deir el-Zour were killed in an airstrike, suspected to be by the international coalition battling ISIS. The airstrike hit around sunset near al-Quria village hit the van, killing 13. Omar Abu Leila, an activist from Deir el-Zour, said another nine people were confirmed killed in the fighting.