Glasgow, Scottland. In signs that may not bode well for PM Theresa May “way on down south in London town,” Nicola Sturgeon braces for the worst as polls suggest a loss of at least a dozen seats for her today in the UK elections 2017.

Todays opinion polls show the SNP vote has fallen to 41 percent from a high of 54 percent before the 2015 general election, while Scottish Labour’s vote has increased sharply from a low of 13 percent to 25 percent, echoing a growth in Labour support in England and Wales.

Scotland’s National party is braced for the loss of up to a dozen seats in Parliament in Thursday’s election, with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats threatening to inflict defeats in its rural regions.

Party leaders in first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s party predict the Moray seat held by its Westminster leader, Angus Robertson, and the neighboring seat of Banff and Buchan could fall to the Conservatives if enough voters endorse Brexit and switch sides to block a second independence referendum.

Sturgeon while speaking on Wednesday, repeated her claim that Dugdale had privately told her she thought Labour should back a second Scottish independence referendum the day after Scotland voted to stay in the EU, but was outvoted by England and Wales.

During heated exchanges at Holyrood, Sturgeon accused Dugdale of misleading voters about her beliefs on independence. She claimed she was justified in leaking that discussion because Dugdale had selectively disclosed other parts of it in an interview with reporters previously.

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