Kiev, Ukraine. In meetings with the OSCE in Kiev, it now emerges that Ukrainian President Poroshenko is asking the OSCE to do what he could not do; stop the independence of Donbass.

Poroshenko held a meeting with Sebastian Kurz, acting chairman of the OSCE and Austrian Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign affairs. Poroshenko called for discussion to be initiated in Vienna regarding the deployment of an armed OSCE police mission to the Donbass, in efforts to prevent Donbass integration with the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian President pointed out that the primary goal of the Russian’s tactic of intimidating OSCE observers is to restrict the Mission’s access to the uncontrolled territory as much as possible, even to completely expel the OSCE SMM from the region. From a Donbass independence perspective, this is 100% correct. The people of both Donbass republics have voted, revolted and are now involved in integration with Russia.

Poroshenko emphasized the necessity of enhancing the technical capabilities of the Mission, which would make it possible to improve the safety of the OSCE personnel, especially by expanding the remote monitoring capabilities. No statements were made on how the OSCE intends to force itself upon Donbass, as both republics have repeatedly warned that any armed forces entering their territory would in turn be met with force.

The president drew attention to the steps taken by the Kremlin to integrate the seized Ukrainian enterprises located in the separatist-held territories of the Donbass into the Russian economy.

Poroshenko urged Kurz to react by all possible means to Moscow’s violation of Ukrainian citizens’ rights in the separatist-held territories. In particular, Poroshenko went out of his way to blame Moscow for the people of Donbass leaving the Ukraine and declaring independence three years ago.

The matter of the de-occupation of the Crimea was discussed separately. Poroshenko welcomed the ruling of the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the EU to prolong the “Crimean package” of sanctions by a year, and expressed hope that it would be ratified at the level of the EU Foreign Ministers on June 19.

The head of state expressed confidence that Austria would proceed from respect for the supremacy of law, both in the context of the OSCE mission and in the matter of preserving and, if necessary, intensifying the economic and sectoral EU sanctions against Russia. This, despite the fact, that the United States broke the rule of law and overthrew the legally elected Yanukovich government and continues to pretend the most corrupt nation on earth is somehow “legitimate.”

Kurz promised that during his representation in the OSCE in 2017, Austria would endeavor to ease the EU’s sanctions against Russia. The Austrian Foreign Minister pointed out the necessity of changing trends in relations with Russia and departure from thinking in “cold war” categories.

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