Donetsk, DNR. In urgent war news, Eduard Basurin has reported of an impending crisis situation in the area of Kiev occupied Avdeevka. Reports from Eduard Basurin, Pavel Semchuk and David Simpson in Donetsk.

DNR military intelligence has obtained credible information about the preparation for an attack during the period from the 8th to the 12th of June, which will include bloody provocations by Kiev backed Ukrainian military forces firing upon the locality of Avdeevka, with the intent of causing civilian casualties

To facilitate this, the Kiev junta political leaders have brought crews of Ukrainian and international television news channels that will document destruction in Avdeevka.

Part of the news crews have been dispatched to the district coal mine shafts of Butovskoy to opperate covertly. Ukrainian terrorists shelling of residential areas in occupied Avdeevka will be one of two ways.

The Ukrainian forces plan is to use Ukrainian artillery and mortars, while infiltrators try to provoke our units to open fire in response, to facilitate documenting this fact by their damage survey groups.

Intentionally, as part of the Kiev plan, news footage gathered will be compared with the consequences of the Kiev backed forces provoking DNR military units into a response in residential areas of the city, to accuse us of the loss of innocent lives.

The Overall management of the journalists is carried out by specially designated press and propaganda officers of the “ATO headquarters”.

Also, according to our intelligence, artillery units 72nd batallion has taken up positions near the water works.It is possible that this unit will also participate in the upcoming provocations.

The Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic are requesting local residents to immediately inform us, as well as preparing to record the facts of this intentional war crime by Kiev forces, in order to prevent them, as well as to collect evidence of crimes against humanity by the Ukrainian authorities, in the event this criminal activity in fact does transpire.

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