The head of lawyers’ team in the case of accusations of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia Srjan Aleksic in an exclusive interview with News Front said that Serbian lawyers are suing NATO and demand compensation of damage.

“I am leading a team of lawyers at the Serbian Academy in Kraljevo. I defend over 100 thousand fighters from the Nis. These are people who fought during the NATO bombings in 1999, defended Yugoslavia – Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija. I’m their lawyer, they’re doing a big deal about damages,” he said.

During the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 (Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija – ed.), NATO used depleted uranium in bombs, Aleksic said.

“Many of the fighters died exclusively from carcinoma, everyone had cancer. It provoked my suspicions that NATO used illegal means when bombing. First of all, depleted uranium in bombs,” he said.

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