Over 1 million migrants on way to Europe

Brussels, Belgium. All of the EU infighting between Poland and Hungary with Brussels over taking in migrants is about to heat up as EU intelligence sources confirm over 1 million Africans are headed to Europe, come hell or high water, to get their share of the good life and free prizes the liberal-democracies offer.

“I’m informed by very well informed guys and girls who are working on the area, and in the area at the moment, that there’s potentially up to a million migrants already, if not more in the pipeline coming up from Central Africa and the Horn of Africa.”

These were the chilling words from Joseph Walker-Cousins, senior fellow at the Institute for Statecraft and former head of the British Embassy Office in Benghazi, speaking to the House of Lords EU External Affairs Sub-Committee on March 30, 2017.

The International Organisation for Migration estimates (IOM) that 425,000 internally displaced persons were resident in Libya and that “hundreds of thousands” were displaced into neighboring countries. This does not count others from the Middle East or other parts of Africa, with best intelligence suggesting at least one million from Africa alone, will actually make it to a Europe on the verge of collapse from Angela Merkel’s open door policies.

While European development agencies are just beginning to engage with trans-Saharan migration, very little hard data has emerged from their efforts other than an acknowledgement that conflict and drought in northern Nigeria, Mali, Sudan and the Horn of Africa is pushing people northwards across the Sahara. Meanwhile, there is no end to the numbers heading north to get their free slice of the pie.

A million African migrants are in “the pipeline” to reach Europe from Libya is nothing new, it does explain Europe’s feral, almost fascist like demands nations like Poland give in to their resettlement plans for more than a million migrants. With thousands already being placed in the Baltic States and Ukraine-not even in the EU yet, but signing up to take hundreds of thousands of Africans-for a price, it becomes clear the EU has a problem of knowing when to close its door and why to close it.


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