London, United Kingdom. In a move straight out of a George W. Bush playbook, Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has actually called for ending human rights laws as relating to “terrorists.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May has said that human rights laws will be changed under her government if they “get in the way” of the country’s fight against terrorism.

This caused considerable consternation amongst civil and human rights advocates who question, who will decide what constitutes a terrorist and what laws will be amended relating to their treatment? Britons are asking if they want a society with armed stormtroopers on every street corner and what are they doing that makes this a requirement of everyday life?

Addressing Conservative Party activists in the British town of Slough on Tuesday, May said she would “restrict the freedom and movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they are a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court,” according to reporters present.

May continued on her policy overview indicating she would make it easier to deport foreign terror suspects.”If our human rights laws get in the way of doing it, we will change the law so we can do it,” she added.

Voters will go to the polls in a snap general election on Thursday, less than a week after a terrorist attack killed seven in the UK capital. Recent poll numbers suggest May is at risk of losing the election, given popularity numbers taking huge drops in the wake of ill advised remarks relating to terrorist attacks inside the UK.

In the wake of the London attack and Manchester concert bombing last month, security issues have come to the forefront of the national debate. The opposition Labour Party has said that May’s words were “not the message that we should be sending.”

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