Vilnius, Lithuania. You have to wonder if Lithuanian President Grybauskaite has not been having a relapse in her long term drinking problem. Maybe she has moved on to something harder, because everytime she opens her mouth, something unpleasant about Russia slobbers out.

Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite called the existence of Russia and Belarus in the east a major threat to the Baltic States and Poland. She made this announcement to the local press on June 5th before setting off on a state visit to Estonia.

Ms.Grybauskaite did not go into great detail about whether Russia and Belarus are expected to somehow move someplace else or if maps will simply be printed without Belarus or the Russian Federation on them, to prevent a rug chewing fascist fit over their simple acts of existence.

The head of the Lithuanian state reminded journalists that the Baltic countries and Poland are the “eastern border area of NATO” and that having Russia and Belarus in the same neighborhood is a “threat.” This was fine by Moscow, as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was fully prepared to send some trucks and “help Lithuania move the hell out of the neighborhood, just as soon as they can get packed.”

The militarization of Kaliningrad region plus the use of the Belarusian territory for “various military experiments and aggressive games directed against the West” are also significant hazards according to Grybauskaite. But in a cosmic moment of stupidity like no other, then went right ahead describing Lithuania’s very real provocations on the Russian’s borders;

Grybauskaite spoke of the Belarusian-Russian “Zapad-2017” NATO military exercise as part of the “aggressive games” and challenges Lithuania will use to “fight the Russian beast.” She went on to state Lithuanian authorities believe that they can serve as a prelude to an armed invasion and subsequent occupation.

In this regard, the Lithuanian Supreme Commander-in-Chief believes that the Baltic countries together with Poland should jointly strengthen the defense capability of their states, with air defense being the first priority. But before you speak with the minister of defense, you better speak to his boss, cause- Poland is more worried about the thousands of African migrants Grybauskaite green lighted into Lithuanian with an EU agreement Poland is uber upset with.

It would be necessary to saturate the “eastern wing” with air defense systems and other weapons as much as possible. This would cool the aggressors’ ardor and sober them up, according to Grybauskaite. Defense experts consulted said if anybody needs to “sober up” it sure as hell is Grybauskaite and not Putin.

If Russia wanted Lithuania, Ms.Grybauskaite would be cleaning Russian toilets not making crack pot predictions on defense systems that would have ZERO effect on even slowing up a massive influx of gopniks on the way to Berlin to reenact the second liberation of the Reichstag.

President Grybauskaite believes that Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland should unanimously speak about these and other challenges, like the tens of thousands of North African and Middle Eastern migrants about to actually invade the Baltic States, courtesy of an enemy far more deadly than Russia-the European Union itself.

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