Kiev, Ukraine. A great writer of fiction need only open the computer window to find the best of humor material. Sadly for Ukrainians, at least those who do have an internet after most having theirs cut, the political views of the mentally challenged in Kiev politics are where the funniest jokes are found.

First Deputy Chairwoman of the Ukrainian Parliament Iryna Herashchenko hopes that Ukraine will become the 30th member of NATO. She expressed her views on Facebook while commenting on Montenegro entering the alliance. NATO itself has other views and depending upon which NATO liar your speaking to, 2030 is the soonest Ms. Herashchenko’s fantasies might come true.

Herashchenko believes that in 2008, Ukraine lost its chance to get the Action Plan on NATO membership because Russia’s coercion prevented any unity in this issue among political elite.Yes 2008 was a “banner year” for “Russian aggression,”

2008 saw Vladimir Putin go on his “Russian aggression” world tour; notably a state visit to the USA in 2007 followed by a state visit to NATO itself! When Vladimir Putin on April 4, 2008-attended the Meeting of the NATO-Russia Council held in Bucharest, Romania. Maybe, just maybe, Ms. Hairyasschenko should have picked a different year than 2008.

“We must wash away this guilt and do everything possible to make Ukraine a NATO member. We must apply supreme efforts. We shouldn’t be afraid of Moscow because it will never leave us alone whether we join NATO or proclaim our love for balalaikas. Ukraine and Georgia must become the 30th and 31st NATO members, respectively. That’s how I see my goal as a politician,” Herashchenko said.

Actualy her real goal is staying out of a set of NABU anti-corruption police handcuffs. Irina is actually Poroshenko’s handpicked assclown responsible for the Minsk disaster and avoiding its implementation. She has numerous contacts in the Ukrainian oligarchy and known to be on the take from Rinat Akhmetov, who has reguarly been paying her to slow up things that cause issues for his Donbass empire.

Ukraine’s current government proclaimed joining NATO as its strategic goal but no action has been taken in this direction so far. At the same time, the Military Doctrine of Ukraine provides for the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine according to Western standards and the achievement of compatibility with the armed forces of NATO countries.

All of which are a decade plus down the road, and given Ukraine is on the verge of financial collapse, now known as a corrupt sewer to Trump, the IMF and EU, and just saw its Donbass region start an integration process with Russia. It is perhaps better if Irina stick with fantasies that can be fullfilled, because NATO membership for Ukraine is not on anybodys flight plan anytime soon, certainly not in this decade.

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