Donetsk, DNR. The Donetsk water treatment plant (DFS) came under fire today as Ukrainian forces shelled the area, the staff has been ordered to the bomb shelters, said a DNR representative in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC).

“‘At around 15:30, the Ukrainian armed forces opened fire on the Donetsk water treatment plant again. The staff was taken to shelter underground at once.”The shelling is ongoing, DNR emergency services report.

The Kiev backed Ukrainian forces have hit the Donetsk water treatment plant with 120mm mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine gun and small arms.

A representative of the Donbass Water state company told News Front that the preparations to re-launch the plant are still ongoing.

Work at the water plant was halted on June 2nd, as Kiev forces targeted power lines supplying the plant. The JCCC Russian and DNR sides tried to establish a dialog with the Ukrainian side and to guarantee security in the area. Still, the Kiev forces shelling continued.

Donetsk water treatment plant, is located between Yasinovataya and Kiev-controlled Avdeyevka and has long been a trouble spot on the contact line in Donbass. It supplies water to both sides of the contact line, DNR-controlled Donetsk and Yasinovataya and Vasilyevka and Spartak villages, and Kiev-controlled Avdeyevka, Krasnogorovka and Verkhnetoretskoye village.

The Donetsk Water Plant often comes under Ukrainian forces fire, though it stores chlorine. Overall, more than 370 rounds have hit the plant’s territory in the course of the conflict so far.

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