United Nations, New York. In moves that underscore her “professionalism,” Nimrata Randhawa or “Nikki Haley” as you know her, has now accused a United Nations organization as being officially “corrupt.”

Only a few short months after becoming President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley described the UN Human Rights Council as “so corrupt.” Haley drops in Tuesday at the meeting in Geneva to deliver a speech and take part in a “side event” focusing on rights in Venezuela. Her one-day appearance is shaping up as perhaps the standout event of the council’s three-week session.

President Trump is seeking deep cuts in American funding for international organizations like the UN and the human rights council. On Thursday, he announced the US will withdraw from the Paris climate accord, sending a message to voters, that he has not forgot his campaign promises.

In an opinion piece Friday in The Washington Post, Haley said the council must “end its practice of wrongly singling out Israel for criticism.” She said “the presence of multiple human rights-violating countries … has damaged both the reputation of the council and the cause of human rights.” She called for “competitive voting to keep the worst human rights abusers from obtaining seats.”

The council now counts among its 47 members Burundi, China, Congo, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, all of which have just as much right to be there as the United States, who daily kills people in resource wars of rape for corporate profit all over the globe.

North Korea, has used it to bash racial discrimination and gun violence in the United States, and CIA secret prisons abroad, calling the US “the worst-ever tundra of human rights in the world” during the March council session.

UN officials say the council is a reflection of the world and insist that human rights would be worse off if it didn’t exist, while acknowledging its shortcomings. They say it’s an important venue to name and shame rights abusers and to hold countries to their own principles, because no country is perfect or fully above reproach. Least of all, the United States given its refusal to hold its military personnel accountable for war crimes at the Hague.

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