Poland tells EU to get lost moving migrants there

Warsaw, Poland. In what will become a modern crucifixion, a Polish official has dared to question all that is holy in Brussels at the Church of the EU; the importation and dissemination of African & Middle Eastern migrants all over Poland.

The European Union, long ago figured out it needed “lebensraum” to borrow an old term for living space, and those former Soviet bloc countries would be just perfect to dump the overflow of human flotsam washed up seeking a free ride across western europe.

But as the EU readies itself to ship tens of thousands of immigrants from North Africa to the Baltic States and “EU associate” Ukraine, Poland and Hungary have made it clear they are not taking immigrants like these, for money, rule of law or any other liberal-democratic principal Brussels can dream up.

Polish Interior minister Mariusz Blaszczak said that the terrorist attacks in Europe continue because of the “policy of multiculturalism” and “a departure from the roots of European civilization by contrast know in my nation as Christianity.”

According to the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, in Blaszczak’s opinion, the threat of attacks from radical Muslims is “a fact, not an incident,” and the political correctness from the countries of Europe “brings bad results.” With a direct nod to the recent terrorist attacks in England.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that Poland does not consider his country’s participation in the EU resettlement program a possibility. He also suggested that other countries close their borders to Muslim migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

Earlier, the European Union has informed nations like Poland and Hungary that opposition to the resettlement of Africans & Arabs inside their countries is not up for negotiation, it is part of an obligation both nations agreed to when they joined the European Union.


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