Moscow, Russia. Thanks to utter ignorance, most Americans have no idea that the United States has been guilty of interference in virtually every election held outside of the USA since 1948.

Nowhere is that more acute in recent times than the US contribution to the election of Boris Yeltsin, who without US help, might never have helped a young KGB officer named Vladimir Putin into office. In an American interview with NBC over the weekend he said: “Put your finger anywhere on a map of the world, and everywhere you will hear complaints that American officials are interfering in internal electoral processes.”

The Americans and their NATO allies are preparing to influence Russia’s upcoming presidential election Russian senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee chief has said, as the US continues to investigate allegations of Russian interference in the last US election.

Russian lawmakers and officials have begun to cast aspersions over U.S. influence on Russian elections in recent months, as the Americans 17 intelligence agencies accused Russian hackers of targeting the Democratic party in last year’s vote. Experts are unsure of the effect the NSA documents leaked by Reality Winning will have on the debate, but many see it as just more gas on a media created fire.

Presidential votes in Russia over the last 17 years have overwhelmingly favored leader Vladimir Putin, who has been elected for three presidential terms and one prime ministerial term in that time. Over the last 20 years, he has had to contend with outside finance, color revolution attempts and outright US aid to opposition cloaked in “democracy grants” to Russian opposition figures.

All of these past elections have been clear majorities with clean outcomes. Lawmakers in Russia’s lower chamber have recently sought to investigate negative foreign media coverage of Russian elections as interference.

Concerns about American involvement exist according to Senator Konstantin Kosachev, the US and its NATO allies are preparing more acts of meddling come the next presidential election in March 2018, Russian reporters indicate.

“There are no doubts that during the time remaining until the presidential elections in Russia in the coming year, we will encounter very active, sequential attempts by the US and its NATO allies to affect the course of the electoral campaign,” Kosachev said Tuesday.

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