Mariusz Blaszczak: Stop Muslim migration to stop terror

Mariusz Blaszczak: Stop Muslim migration to stop terror

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak has called for Europe to make “Christian values” a priority and end mass Muslim migration to the continent.

In the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks in the UK, Poland’s Interior Minister has connected the threat of terrorism in Western Europe with increasing numbers of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, and renewed calls for the EU to review its migration policy.

“The threat of terrorist attacks, which are carried out by Muslim terrorists, is a fact,” Mariusz Blaszczak told Poland’s TVP Info.

“Western Europe is experiencing an identity crisis, a departure from the roots of European civilization, and thus Christianity. This reaps tragic consequences. The indulgence of multiculturalism and political correctness reaps tragic consequences,” Blaszczak continued.

The Interior Minister also referred to the EU Commission’s plan to relocate refugees from the Middle East across the EU, which he called “unacceptable.”

“What the European Commission is trying to impose on Poland, among others, which the previous PO-PSL coalition government agreed to, is unacceptable. It could lead to serious events, the kind of tragic events which are taking place in Western Europe (…) fortunately, the election resulted in a change of government and the current Law and Justice government is not subject to this pressure. We are tightening Poland’s external borders and also helping our partners in the EU. We have moved away from this tragic decision to open borders and also our country to refugees,” the minister said.

Blaszczak called on the EU to change its migration policy and respect the “European values of Christian civilization.”

“There needs to be decisive, consistent action to eradicate terrorism, and one aspect of this task is to end the open door policy for the influx of Muslim immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East,” he declared.

According to an opinion poll by Poland’s Centre for Public Opinion Research (CBOS) published last month, three-quarters of Poles back Warsaw’s refusal to take in refugees under the EU Commission’s quota system. Brussels is considering imposing sanctions on Poland if it continues to defy the quota demand.

The UK suffered its third terror attack in less than three months on Saturday, when terrorists drove a vehicle into dozens of pedestrians on London Bridge.