London Bridge attack: What we know so far

London Bridge attack: What we know so far

White van rams into pedestrians

The attack began at 9:58 (8:58 GMT) on Saturday when a white van approaching from the north side of London Bridge veered off the road and mowed down a group of pedestrians. The van was “recently hired” by one of the attackers, police said. While the police did not confirm the exact number of people struck by the vehicle, media outlets citing eyewitnesses gave a figure of between five and six.

Borough Market stabbing rampage

The van then turned right towards Borough Market, where the three assailants abandoned the vehicle and began stabbing people with large knives. A lone British Transport Police officer confronted the attackers while armed only with a baton. The officer sustained stab wounds to his head, face, and leg.

Witnesses described horrific scenes of the attackers indiscriminately stabbing random people, including a pregnant woman, and a young woman who was reportedly stabbed 10-15 times while crying for help. A 19-year-old woman called Rhiannon Owen said a taxi driver saved her life by telling her to run, as a terrorist was stabbing a person meters away. Like many of the people fleeing the scene, Owen escaped the carnage in a nearby pub. Not all visitors of Borough Market pubs and restaurants were so lucky, as the terrorists entered some of the establishments and stabbed people there.

Police fire 50 rounds

Armed response officers arrived at the scene eight minutes after the first reports, gunning down the three suspects in Borough Market, according to police. “Unprecedented number” of 50 rounds were fired by eight officers to stop the attackers. One person was injured in the shootout, but police say their life was not in danger.

The use of lethal force was necessary as the suspects “had already attacked and killed members of the public and had to be stopped immediately.” Apart from that, the three assailants were “wearing what appeared to be suicide belts,” and the response officers had to eliminate them in order to prevent a possible blast, the police said. The belts turned out to be crude fakes.

7 dead & 50 injured

Seven people were killed in the attack and more than 50 were injured. The majority of the victims sustained injuries during the knifing rampage.
“36 people remain in hospital, suffering from a range of injuries – some of which are extremely serious. 21 remain in a critical condition,” the police said.

Islamist terrorism suspected

UK Interior Minister Amber Rudd said that the authorities “are confident about the fact that they were radical Islamist terrorists, the way they were inspired, and we need to find out more about where this radicalization came from.”

The three attackers have not yet been officially identified.

“We are making significant progress in identifying the three attackers, and that there were no other suspects at the scene, when the attack was carried out,” the police said in a statement.

Several UK tabloids have run stories alleging that neighbors identified at least one of the attackers, but the stories could not be immediately confirmed.


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