Syria the war is not meant to be won

Tehran, Iran. Many in US intelligence are doing victory laps, thinking they have won in Syria and Iraq, but when your the outside force behind all the trouble, watch your back Jack is more than a line in a movie, it is good advice on Iran.

Israeli experts are warning the Iranian government has a clear goal of creating a reality that is suitable for it, when it comes to determining the fate of Syria and later expanding its role in Iraq.

Iran is leading the Iraqi militias, others that it has established and groups that it has influence over to Syria to wage major battles to control the crossings and land passage to Damascus and other vital areas. This means the struggle will last for years, which will push regional powers to back the opposing groups that will in turn reproduce a new ISIS and lead to the failure of war on terrorism.

The gift that keeps on giving is a strategy familiar to Americans. Long ago the idea that the CIA has funded, trained and supplied Al Qaeda, then ISIS has made the easy leap from conspiracy theory to conspiracy reality.

Tehran’s regime is using several excuses to justify its plan, mostly that it is fighting terrorist organizations and guarding the Iraqi border. In reality it is drawing up the areas of its control in borders with Syria and it is attempting to impose its presence on the majority of the 300 kilometers, and then cross over with Iraqi militias to Syria.

Initially, Iran’s al-Quds Force had entered Syria to save Assad’s regime from collapse under the pretense of protecting Shi’ite shrines. It is now building its military presence under the claim of fighting ISIS, but in reality, it has a long-term project to control Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Iran’s military presence on the ground will expand during times of tensions and increased sectarian extremism in Syria and Iraq. Surely, this will sabotage the coalition project to eliminate the terrorist organization ISIS because the sectarian practices of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) will prompt Sunni areas to establish organizations to counter it.

This will raise a number of questions about the seriousness of the international campaign to combat ISIS. It will also open new fronts with Kurdish fighters when the PMF passed through their areas. This will also put the passage of armed Iraqi organizations to Syria under legal questioning, just like the situation with Turkish forces in Iraq.

Perhaps the problem here is perception. It is understandable for Iran to want a stable situation in its area of interest. The United States as a business model needs the chaos and continuous war to thrive. Without a constant enemy to fight, America simply can not compete internationally, ask yourself-just what do they bring to a country that is so valuable as to justify death and destruction? Liberal-democracy, corruption or a LGBTQ agenda?

The more you look at American accomplishments in the nations it has invaded or bombed, the more you understand that their version of liberation is truly another persons version of subjugation.