London, United Kingdom. Yet again the English have been hit by an ISIS terror attack in London. Messages of outrage and condemnation are pouring in from around the world as news reports confirm at least six deaths from the latest terror attack on central London. But nothing is done to address what causes people to travel to England and give up their own lives, trying to get a message across to the British people, that airstrikes, Anglo-American occupation and wars of resource rape are not acceptable.

ISIS terrorists drove a van at high speed into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing Saturday night random citizens on the street and in nearby bars, killing at least six and wounding more than 30.

The attacks come days ahead of a June 8 election and less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people at a pop concert by US singer Ariana Grande in Manchester in northern England.

Anri-terrorist armed police rushed to the scene and shot dead the three male attackers in the Borough Market area near the bridge, as authorities urged Londoners on Twitter to “run, hide, tell” if they were caught up in the violence.

As events unfolded, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the attack was “a deliberate and cowardly attack on innocent Londoners and visitor to our city enjoying their Saturday night.There is no justification whatsoever for such barbaric acts,” he added.

One must wonder if the citizens in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Yemen see things quite the same as Khan does.Prime Minister Theresa May meanwhile said: “Following updates from police and security officials, I can confirm that the terrible incident in London is being treated as a potential act of terrorism.”

World leaders were united in their condemnation and determination to continue to bomb, kill and invade middle eastern nations in wars of resource rape, while pretending to be shocked at the blowback from it.

The American response was typical; President Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer US help to Britain. The White House said he had been briefed on the incidents by his national security team.

That was followed by Department of State spokesman Heather Nauert in a statement said the US stands ready to provide any assistance to the UK upon request.“Our hearts are with the families and loved ones of the victims. We wish a full and quick recovery to those injured in the attacks. All Americans stand in solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom,” the statement said.

One has to wonder where are such messages, when America kills hundreds in airstrikes on civilians while pursuing its goals in other people’s lands, without their permission to be there. While no sane human supports terrorists attacks, neither does one justify a terrorist attack simply because it’s an American pilot flying a billion dollar plane, instead of driving a van into people.

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