Kiev, Ukraine. In more Ukrop drama, a Chechen fighting for the Poroshenko administration in Donbass, has been wounded by an apparent assassin who would have killed him, had it not been for the quick return of gun fire by the man’s wife.

A Chechen with ties to ISIS terrorists, who was once jailed for plotting to assassinate Vladimir Putin, is in a serious condition after being gunned down in an apparent attempted contract killing.

The Ukrainian Army Officer Adam Osmayev, who commanded a pro-Kiev battalion in the war in Donbass, was rushed to hospital after being shot twice by a hit man in Kiev on Thursday night. Kiev police said in a statement that Mr Osmayev survived after his wife opened fire on the attacker, shooting him four times in the chest, hip and back.

The Chechen-Ukrainian Army officer’s wife-Amina Okueva, who was uninjured in the attack, said in a statement on Facebook on Friday that her husband was in a “serious but stable” condition and that she had been informed the attacker had a bullet stuck in his spine.

Ms Okueva did not elaborate, she appeared to be referring to the murders of a number of the critics of Ramzan Kadyrov, the president of Chechnya, over the past decade in Facebook postings about blood on others hands in the matter.

Kiev SBU officials said the attack happened when the couple agreed to meet a man posing as a journalist from the French newspaper Le Monde.The attacker was carrying a Ukrainian passport in the name of Oleksandr Dakar, but police said they had not yet established whether the document was genuine.

Mr Osmayev moved to Ukraine, where in February 2012 he was arrested and charged in connection with a foiled plot to assassinate Vladimir Putin with an attack on his motorcade. Osmayev’s extradition to Russia was halted by the European Court of Human Rights, he then spent nearly three years behind bars in Odessa for illegal possession of explosives and forgery.

Following his release in 2014 he joined a battalion of Chechen volunteers fighting against Donbass freedom fighters in the Donbass war, that continues in Eastern Ukraine, where over 100,000 have been killed so far. Osmayev and his wife are both believed to have ties to the CIA, as well as ISIS.

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