Soros says Trump will never do it

Brussels, Belgium. George Soros has come out of his hole, so poor international relations will be the forecast for some time to come, according to the modern day “doctor evil” of political conspiracy realists.

The security of the European Union is in “mortal danger” and must go through a radical reinvention process in order to save itself, US billionaire war criminal George Soros has told an economic EU gathering in Belgium.

His forecast holds that a combination of external and internal threats have brought the 28-member bloc to a “tipping point” between further integration or disintegration. He of course, fails to mention that by spending billions of dollars to support the flood of migrants and refugees into europe, George Soros himself is the primary party responsible for Europe’s destabalization.

Soros said it like this,”Externally, the EU is surrounded by hostile powers, President Vladimir Putin’s Russia, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s Egypt and the America that U.S. President Donald Trump would like to create but can’t,” Soros told the EU Brussels Economic Forum.

What Soros also forgot to mention is that Trump can’t create the America he was elected to deliver, because of Soros active collaboration with NGOs, Foundations, and opponents like Hillary Clinton, who he has give millions of dollars to, in efforts to stop Trump’s desires to focus on America, instead of building the world Soros’ wishes.

The bloc is clogged by institutions whose functioning has become “increasingly complicated and eventually rendered the EU dysfunctional in some ways,” Soros said, singling out the eurozone single-currency area, which he said has become the “exact opposite” of what it was originally meant to be.

Soros said Britain’s exit from the EU could take as long as five years, and that Brexit could be used by Brussels as a “catalyst for introducing far-reaching reforms.”

Soros warned that the bloc should abandon the “multispeed” approach toward further integration proposed by some EU leaders and aim for a “multitrack” Europe that allowed members to pursue a wider variety of choices. He did not elaborate on those choices.

Those proposed “choices” include continued sanctions on Russia until “regime change” is accomplished, the introduction of millions of African and Middle Eastern migrants into Eastern Europe and eventual US & EU union, under an American president along the lines of a Hillary Clinton, but more likely a Corry Booker in 2020.

The European Union needs new rules to maintain its values, and that objective could be achieved only through resolute action by its members and the “active engagement of civil society,” Soros said.

The Hungarian-born financier has been actively involved in supporting the overthrow of nationalist-populist governments and replacing them with liberal-democratic pro-EU leaders by color revolution. During WWII Soros-who is Jewish, worked as a Kapo for the Nazis and helped kill, then stole property from his fellow Jews while living in Hungary.


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