Kiev, Ukraine. In absolute panic mode that they will have to suffer the embarrassment of having to actually cut Kiev off from a $16 billion dollar tranche from their IMF, the European Union has decided to step in and drop $15 million to try and get what Kiev can not get done in the Parliament, actually done; a functional corruption court.

Sick of seeing billions of euros and dollars free fall down Ukrainian toilets, an anti-corruption initiative of the European Union (EUACI) has been launched in Ukraine. It has a total budget of 15.84 million euros and is designed to work for three years.

Ukraine ranks among the most corrupt nations in the world and as the single most corrupt country in Europe according to corruption watch.

The launch of “the most ambitious, anti-corruption initiative” was announced by the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, Johannes Hahn on Thursday, June 1 in Kiev.

The Ukrainian anti-corruption agency NABU will be provided with expert and IT support. A consultative council composed of international experts will be created in the parliamentary committee on fighting corruption. Civil society and the media will be provided with grants for anti-corruption activities. Though experts question that dumping another $15 million near the Kiev regime, will of itself create more corruption opportunities.

Corruption is a widespread and growing problem in Ukrainian society. In 2016’s Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index Ukraine was ranked 131th out of the 176 countries with an increased corruption score from 2015 results.

Back in 2013 Ukraine had taken 118th place (179 countries investigated that year). Ernst & Young in 2017 put Ukraine among the three most corrupted nations of the world together with Colombia and Brazil. Just this year, The Guardian called Ukraine “the most corrupt nation in Europe.

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