Ukrainian health care is not free

Kiev, Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has a real problem, over the last 3 years they have allowed western health maintenance organizations invade Ukraine, ended health care as a right and now routinely deal with people either going broke and homeless over hospital visits or dying because they can not afford health care.

“Ukraine should stop telling lies about free medical care.” That is not a joke, but the actual words from the chief health officer in the Ukraine. This is why medical reform is implementing state funding of emergency assistance and co-payment of treatment, if a person is able to pay. This was reported by Ulana Suprun, the acting Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine.

When asked about how much of a persons health care the Kiev government should pay for? The minister dodged the question, saying that issue was in the hands of Ukraine’s parliament, not the health minister’s. Suprun went on to clarify, that health care is a business, not a citizens right and it was long overdue that Ukrainian citizens understand this reality based fact. She stressed that Ukrainians should not hear lies that medical care is free of charge.

“We are saying that medical service is free in Ukraine, but it is not true, we are all paying for it… We are not offering a system, where each of us has the guaranteed primary care, emergency service and palliative care free. Possibly, there will be such services where you will have to pay, as the government does not have enough funds.

We have to stop lying and tell the truth. We must set up a system where people don’t have to sell cars and apartments and be financially destroyed because they got ill,” Ulana Suprun noted. Seems the closer Ukraine gets to the West, the more her people must suffer as health becomes just another opportunity to harm a citizen, rather than help one.


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