Demilitarized Zone, Donbass. In breaking news, Ukrainian armored units are entering the DMZ to take up positions against the Russian border corridor in Donbass.

The 93rd Independent Guards Mechanized Kharkov Brigade has moved 1.5 kilometers into the neutral demilitarized zone of Donbass, closer to the Bahmut road without permission or consultation with the Russian Federation or Donbass Republics RIA Novosti-Ukraine reports.

Ukrainian officials explained this by saying that according to the Minsk agreements positions should be transferred to Kiev. International legal experts state that either Kiev has lost its mind, or is now directly trying to provoke a wider war with Russia with this unheard of provocation and act of war.

As the leadership of the Ukrainian Army brigade stated, the connection managed to level the front line, and lets them occupy the dominant heights and allowed better control of the “enemy” with more favorable conditions for defense.

In Kiev, they acknowledged that their forces are gradually occupying new positions in the neutral zone of the Donbass. The authorities believe that they are doing “everything is absolutely right.” Unilateral-independent action is NOT part of the Minsk agreements, it is why their is a contact group and a Normandy format, so all decisions are agreed and not actions-such as this-done by force.

News Front will be updating as the situation warrants on this extraordinary development.

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