Proof Americans destroyed US-Russian relations

Washington, DC. Future generations will look back and find that US-Russian relations were destroyed by 2 neocon Obama appointees in the US State Department, who personally went to Congress and the Senate, destroying President Trump’s plans to repair relations, before he had the chance to even start.

Donald Trump’s administration was gearing up to lift sanctions on Russia when the president took office, but career diplomats ran to Congress and blocked the move, two senior former State Department officials told News Front Thursday.

It is the latest evidence that Neocon-deep state elements have actively blocked, derailed and harmed US-Russian relations, in moves that actually violate Federal law under the Logan act.

Meet Daniel Fried, a neocon member of the foreign relations council, who served as a senior diplomat until he retired in late February, Fried became aware of the sanctions effort in the early weeks of Trump’s presidency. He said State Department colleagues approached him, “concerned that the Trump administration, the incoming team was going to unilaterally rescind the sanctions on Russia, which had been placed there because of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine. And it was further said by these people that there would be no action required from Russia.”

In other words, Trump intended to keep his promises to the people of the United States who voted for better US-Russian relations, and this group of neo-Nazi-neocon deep state, Obama holdover employees enlisted the media, congress and senate to stop Trump from doing what he was elected to do: represent the political will and mandate of the American people in restoration of better relations with the Russian Federation.

Fried declines to say who approached him, but “I found the story sufficiently credible, that I was concerned that there might actually be something done quickly.” So Fried and another former diplomat, Tom Malinowski, who was assistant secretary of state for human rights, began lobbying Congress to pass legislation codifying the sanctions, Malinowski told News Front. A bill has been introduced in the Senate, but it has not passed.

Which ties in perfectly with the onslaught of Ukrainian lobbying and corrupting of Congress the US saw at the start of 2017. There was no way Trump, only one man could restore the relations, with a Congress bought by Kiev.

The Trump team backed off, Malinowski said he believes, because officials came to see that lifting the sanctions would look terrible light of the American media generated revelations over potential Trump campaign coordination with the Russian election interference effort. “It would be politically stinky,” he said.

Fried and Malinowski should both recieve the Hero of Ukraine orders from Poroshenko personally, then be arrested by the FBI for treason, sedition and violation of the Logan Act. These two “obamanation” criminals are directly responsible for every child who dies in Donbass and Syria daily. Their love of money and foreign allegiances to the Ukraine over their own nation, have put all of humanity directly at risk for god only knows how long.


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