Berlin, Germany. In a move seen as nothing less than a victory for global terrorism, Angela Merkel has halted deportations of Afghan refugees of “questionable character.” Reflecting a departure in western policy that previously held no concessions or negotiation with terrorists.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany will temporarily suspend group deportations of rejected Afghan asylum seekers after a disastrous suicide attack killed at least 90 and injured more than 460 in the capital city of Kabul.

Merkel said the new provisional security step will be in place until a new security assessment is completed by the Minidstry of Foreign Affairs, unless the cases are deemed exceptional deportations. The move is seen as a dangerous concession to terrorism and world leaders are demanding Merkel explain herself at once.

German Foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel ordered the new country risk assessment on Wednesday after the blast struck near Kabul’s heavily secured diplomatic quarter that includes the German embassy based upon Merkel’s orders to do so.

Merkel said, “a lesson learned from the Kabul blast is to restrict deportations to criminals for the moment.” Her opposition was shocked that the national “Fuhrer” of Germany would put criminals on a plane home, but not those suspected of terrorism.

The decision does not represent a general halt of deportation procedures for Afghans denied asylum in Germany and those who refuse to cooperate with German authorities during investigations into their country of origin will still be deported.

German authorities will also continue pursuing “voluntary repatriation” measures who asylum seekers who agree to return to Afghanistan in exchange for a flight ticket to Kabul and 700 euros. So far 3,300 Afghans have agreed to those terms from Germany in 2016. How many turned around and returned to Germany again are not known.

Meanwhile the Trump Administration and its NATO “partners” try to put together another 25-50,000 troops to continue occupation and pacification of Afghani nationals seeking to run their nation on their own terms, free of western influence, meddling and liberal-democracy.

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