Between Serbia and the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo” is probably another exacerbation. Today it became known that the Kosovo ex-president Atifete Yahyaga did not make the planned visit to Belgrade, as the Serbian side did not guarantee her security.

The Kosovo Minister for Dialogue Edita Tahiri in a letter reported on the incident to the European Union. In her opinion, Serbia violated the Brussels Treaty, which mentions the free movement of officials. Although, in fact, Serbia did not prohibit entry.

Yahyaga planned to attend the festival “Mirdita – Dobar Dun” (“Good Afternoon” in Albanian and Serbian languages) about the Albanian and “Kosovo” culture, which is judged only as scandalous. 

The very conduct of this event causes violent reactions in the country, daily from the beginning of its work there are protests that turn into conversations in high tones. The day before, the Serbs staged a premiere in the T-shirts with the symbols of Kosovo terrorists with the “sale” of weapons, drugs and human organs – these things are known in the Balkans and in the world.

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