Kiev troops continue mining Donbass despite last year’s decision of the Trilateral Contact Group on mine clearance, the Russian OSCE ambassador said on Thursday.

“Despite the decision of the Contact Group on mine clearance of March 2, 2016, as well as the letter of Special Monitoring Mission chief Ertugrul Apakan of May 5, 2017, Ukrainian troops continue mining Donbass,” Russia’s permanent representative to the European security agency, Alexander Lukashevich, said.

“On May 24, (OSCE) observers spotted three military trucks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces traveling in Severodonetsk, each of them carrying 50 anti-tank mines as well as three motor-drawn mine-layers designed for mechanical planting of non-controlled and command detonated mines,” he told a session of the OSCE’s Permanent Council.

He stressed that while observers fix military trucks of the Ukrainian armed forces moving with anti-tank mines, mine clearance work is in progress on the other side of the line of contact.

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