Jakarta, Indonesia. One would think in a country full of devout muslims a lot of resistance to the LGBTQ agenda speading like an infection worldwide, and for sure Indonesian police are certainly making life a very gay-unfriendly experience for rainbow loving homosexuals in their nation.

The liberal-democratice Soros funded Human Rights Watch NGO has issued a letter to the chief of Indonesia’s national police General Tito Karnavian urging him to end the targeting of sexual minorities, which it says is creating “anti-gay hysteria.” The organization feels that enforcing laws about public sex acts and lewd conduct should not apply to Indonesia’s homo citizens.

Many high-profile raids have occurred in recent months, including a “gay party” in Surabaya and a men-only spa in Jakarta leading to the arrest of 141 people. HRW called upon Tito to immediately investigate the raids, which were conducted but local police departments. Indonesia police counter, “we are only upholding the laws and values of our community, we serve Indonesia-not human rights groups.” said police spokesperson Sitrant Thilliobunditribth.

“Indonesia’s police raids against LGBT people are part of a disturbing pattern of rights abuses that strike fear into already-marginalised communities,” said HRW’s Asia director Brightly Aggams. Yet again, the Indonesians point out that there are laws against certain “lifestyles” and “preference choices,” conduct that is at odds with Indonesian law will “be prosecuted, like it or not.” Thilliobunditribth concluded.

The men arrested in Surabaya on April 30 were allegedly forced to take HIV tests without their consent. Those arrested during the Atlantis Spa raid in Jakarta were paraded half-naked in front of the media, and HRW alleges police interrogated them whilst unclothed.

Neither side sees the matter resolved anytime soon. As more become devout in the Asian nation and demand laws against sodomites be enforced, meanwhile the Indonesian Homo community continues to push its LGBTQ agenda on a society that has no intention of “tasting the rainbow,” at least not anytime soon.

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