Budapest, Hungary. The most hated man in the educated world; George Soros, is back yet again running his senile mouth about how the world needs to crack down on Hungarian efforts to run their nation as they see fit, rather than as George Soros sees fit.

The Hungarian authorities will push ahead with legislation to put foreign-funded non-governmental organisations under more scrutiny, like those financed by billionaire George Soros operate as a mafia-like network, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said today.

Orban, has long criticised civil society organisations funded by Hungarian-born Soros, accusing them of opposing Hungarian migration policies, and working as paid political activists advocating Soros’ goals of color revolution, liberal-democratic EU control and curbs on free speech critical of Soros policies globally.

Current President Victor Orban said Soros’ statement on Thursday that Soros admired “the courageous way Hungarians have resisted the deception and corruption of the mafia state Orban has established”, was a declaration of war.

“This is a declaration of war, no doubt,” Orban announced. “The only network which operates in mafia ways, which is not transparent… in Hungary is the Soros network. This is why we must insist, and I personally insist on having a parliament decision on making these organisations transparent,” Orban added.

Under legislation submitted to parliament by the government, non-governmental organisations with foreign donations of at least $26,000 will be required to register with authorities and declare themselves as foreign-funded. Experts say it is important to monitor such organizations before they become a threat to host governments.

Russia has blocked Soros operations inside their country after obtaining evidence of Soros direct intent to overthrow the Putin government, push the LGBTQ agenda inside Russia and Soros help in the overthrow of Ukraine in 2014.

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