Washington, DC. In moves worthy of Hollywood the United States will “honor” corruption fighters worldwide-while running the most openly corrupt government in the history of man.

This week, Republican Speaker Paul Ryan and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi will speak at an event on a topic that easily unites the world: preventing corruption. They will be honoring five corruption fighters from Afghanistan, Angola, Guatemala, Malaysia, and Ukraine. The message from the United States: Such activists are not alone in their brave struggle.

The problem is, not are they only alone, but the United States is a liar. A dirty corruption infested filthy liar. From American corruption where millionaires and oligarchs can buy elections, to $400,000 speeches for Obama to $25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton from Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk. America is the festering pit of corruption Donald Trump named the sewer he wants to drain.

The work of these anti-corruption activists often comes with death threats or other pressure to back off. And that’s the point of the event: The US as well as other countries must keep a close eye on countries with high levels of corruption, lest those places erupt in war or street violence.

Of course they should! Because lord knows, the United States never misses a chance to overthrow a nation for profit. Take a look at Ukraine where Victoria Nuland is caught on tape saying the United States overthrew a legally elected government and set in motion a war that has over 100,000 lives in Donbass.

America’s state sanctioned corruption covers the globe, just ask Afghanistan that is about to get another 25,000 plus unwanted American soldiers to occupy their nation for decades, while US corporations resource rape their way to profits untold there.

The US has long given aid to countries, such as Mexico, to beef up their anti-corruption capabilities. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson supports such efforts, saying the US must “put obligations” on countries to reduce corruption. US aid not only advances America’s values, he says, but can help a country “continue its journey along better governance.”

Trump’s plan to have these nations start signing debt obligations for aid, instead of just handing them cash is a first step. But equally as important is stopping the complete corruption of the American House and Senate. “Lobbyists” from countries all over the globe are able to simply walk into any US officials office and seek “help” on any issue. The amount of “help” always dependent upon the amount of the “contribution” from who wants the “help.”

More than half the world still lives in places where people must decide almost daily whether to pay a bribe to a government official for a basic service or to avoid a hefty fine. And the best way to help them, is by showing America how their corruption has made this a very dirty world to live in.

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